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Aging and Technology Research

School of Public Health and Health Professions

Dedicated to the promotion of health and independent living among older adults and their caregivers through research.

Home Safety Self Assessment Tool (HSSAT) 4.0 is available now

This was made possible through the funding by the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York. There is an article about HSSAT in Today’s Geriatric Medicine,  November/December 2013.

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for not only putting this incredible tool together,   but for making it available free of charge. I will be doing everything I can to get this information into the hands of seniors and their families.  Thank you to you and the entire team for their time, energy and commitment to seniors!”  D. Vouga, CSA, Chesterfield, MO

WHO is organizing a Global Forum on Innovation for Aging Populations on December, 2013 in Kobe, Japan. Dr. Tomita is among the representatives who were invited for the forum.

What's Happening Now . . .
  1. Conducting a randomized controlled fall prevention study of Virtual Group Exercise at Home (H-GEAH) funded by the National Institute of Aging (NIH).

  2. Developing accessible online Home Safety Self-Assessment Tool (HSSAT) funded by the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York.

  3. Our E-health study on chronic heart failure:
    Effects of multidisciplinary Internet-based program on management of heart failure

  4. Our view of the future direction for smart Home with monitoring system:
    Smart home with healthcare technologies for community-dwelling older adults

  5. Our international caregiver studies of people with dementia: India, Taiwan, and the U.S. have been published in Topics in two articles in Geriatric Rehabilitation: